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Ortopedi, Institutionen för molekylär medicin och kirurgi
Karolinska Institutet
Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Solna, A2:07
171 76 Stockholm

Medlemmar i gruppen




Pågående forskningsprojekt - Trauma

  • Long-term opioid use after acetabular fractures
  • Bone mineral density, body composition and trauma mechanism in young and middle-aged patients with femoral neck fracture. A prospective multicenter study on 185 patients
  • One or more riskfactor for osteoporosis in the majority of young and middle-aged patients with femoral neck fractures irrespective of trauma mechanism
  • Outcome and Quality of life after hip fracture in diabetic vs non diabetic patients
  • Gender differences in comorbidity and complications after hip fracture - a prospective cohort study of 1,955 Swedish patients
  • Empowerment - a way of reducing length of stay and mortality in patients with hip fracture?
  • Effects of empowerment 4 months after a hip fracture on comorbidity and mortality
  • Empowerment - aspects of function and quality of life in patients with hip fracture
  • Empowerment as treatment after a hip fracture
  • Gait ability and function one year after trochanteric fracture - a retrospective exploratory cohort study
  • Subtrochanteric fractures - differences comparing patients with pathological an non-pathological fracture
  • Validation of POSSUM audit system in orthopedic patients
  • One year follow up of surgucally treated ankle fratures; regression analysis
  • Epidemiology of ankle fractures in Sweden 1987-2004
  • Long and short term outcome of surgically treated ankle fractures in Sweden 1987-1997
  • Epidemiology in thoracolumbar fracture
  • 3D datortomografi vid TSF
  • Datortomografi vid frakturläkning
  • HOLLT Prospektiv Internationell Multicenter
  • Svåra underbensfrakturer
  • Retrospective long term follow-up of traumatic dislocations of the patella in children
  • Intra- and interexaminer reliability of two different measurements of knee function in children
  • dGEMRIC examination of articular cartilage of the patella after non-operatively treated recurrent patellar dislocations in children
  • Degeneration of patellar cartilage after surgical treatment of recurrent patellar dislocation in childhood, evaluation with dGEMRIC
  • Healing of osteochondral fractures fixated with bio-degradable nails after acute patellar dislocation in childhood, examination with dGEMRIC
  • Retroperitoneal blödning vid bäckenfrakturer
  • Artroplastik efter acetabulärfrakturer
  • Instabilitetsbedömning vid bäckenfrakturer med CT
  • Gait ability and function one year after trochanteric fracture - a retrospective exploratory cohort study

Integrativ ortopedi


STOP Leg Clots - nationell multicenterstudie

Pågående forskningsprojekt - Integrativ ortopedi

  • Decreased levels of SP after denervation are correlated with reduced mechanical properties in healing Achilles tendon
  • Neuronal pathways in tendon healing
  • Inflammatoriska geners/molekylers mönster vid traumatisk ledskada, med fokus på ledhinna
  • Immobilization Up-regulates Early Expression of Sensory Neuropeptides
  • Impaired Expression of the Growth Associated Protein-43 in Peripheral Tissues of A Diabetic Animal Model-the Leptin Receptor Knockout Mice
  • Diabetes Mellitus Impairs Proliferative Tendon Repair
  • Diabetes Mellitus Hampers Nerve Growth Factor Receptor in Tendon Repair
  • IGF1-R Downregulated in Diabetic Tendon Repair
  • HA Gels for Delivery of SP in Tendon Repair
  • Chemokine Expression In Tendon Repair
  • Compression Therapy Promotes Tissue Perfusion And Gene Expression
  • Intermittent Foot Compression under Plaster Cast for prevention of Venous Thromboembolism remains questionable
  • Metabolic Activity in Early Human Achilles Tendon Repair Can Be Enhanced by Intermittent Pneumatic Compression
  • Improved Functional Outcome After Compression Treatment During Tendon Immobilization
  • Decreased Thrombosis Incidence Correlates to Improved Healing and Function After Immobilization
  • Interleukin 6 is up-regulated by Intermittent Pneumatic Compression during Achilles Tendon Repair
  • Stem cells in Achilles tendon repair
  • Glutamate Receptors In Tendinopathic Patients
  • Injection Of NMDA-Receptor Antagonists Inhibit Tendinopathic Pain
  • Resistance exercise using flywheel technology promotes higher quadriceps activation



Pågående forskningsprojekt - Artroplastik

  • A cementless, modular hip revision arthroplasty used in primary total hip replacement
  • Survival of uncemented acetabular monoblock cups in the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register
  • Clinical and radiographic follow-up after total knee revision arthroplasty
  • Complications in relation to surgical approach in hip arthroplasty
  • Grade of radiographic osteoarthritis predicts relief of pain with movement
  • 7 års-uppföljning MS30 RSA
  • Lossningsdiagnostik av femurstamen med CT
  • Slitagemätning av cuppar med CT- in vitrostudie av Morschecup
  • Computed tomography analysis of radiostereometric data to determine flexion axes after total joint replacement: Application to the elbow joint
  • Classification of periprostic osteolysis
  • Does Anatomic positioning of the cup reduce wear rate?
  • Ger slitage upphov till osteolys?
  • Aktivitets score hos patienter med ocementerade kuppar
  • Clinical review of wear of the polyethylene tibial insert and osteolysis associated with total knee replacement at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
  • Validation of a new way to measure polyethylene wear in the hip by computerized tomography, a phantom study
  • Develop and validate a model for measuring polyethylene thickness using a CT scanner and a coordinate measuring machine
  • Koncentrationer av la och NSAID vid LIA för knäprotes kirurgi
  • Koncentrationer av la och NSAID vid LIA för
  • Incidence of early periprosthetic infection following THA
  • LIA vs femoralis blockad vid knäprotes
  • Tramadol does not prevent persistent pain after TKA
  • Gaitdeviation index- metodutveckling
  • Gaitdeviation index- Artros och RA



Pågående forskningsprojekt

  • Kir beh av patol humerusfx
  • Patologiska frakturer hos melanompat
  • Surgery of skeletal metastases in patients with prostate cancer
  • Subtrochantära patologiska frakturer
  • Immunohistokemisk analys av skelettmetasaser
  • Markers for prognosis,treatmentresponse and surgery margins in sarcoma
  • Late effects of surgery and radiation i soft tissue sarcoma treatment
  • Ewing sarcoma of the pelvis. Surgery and/or radiotherapy.
  • The role of FDG-PET-DT in staging and evaluation of therapeutic response in bone sarcomas
  • Ewing sarcoma of the spine. Surgery and/or radiotherapy.
  • The role of fine needle aspiration in diagnosis of soft tissue tumors
  • Skandinaviska sarkomgruppens register
  • Utfall vid behandling av patienter med spinala metastaser
  • Survival and function of non-operated patients with spinal cord compression due to metastatic disease
  • Cytogenetisk analys av sarkom F Mertens
  • Cytogenetisk analys av myxoida liposarkom
  • Cytogenetisk analys av synoviala sarkom