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Ansvarig Anders Enocson

  • Epidemiology and mortality of pelvic fractures
  • Bleeding in pelvic fractures
  • Arthroplasty for acetabular fractures
  • Clinical and radiological outcome of pelvic fractures
  • 3D computer tomography (CT) with motion analysis (CTMA) of pelvic fractures
  • National epidemiology of trauma patients
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning analysis of trauma patients
  • Computer tomography (CT) analysis of fracture healing
  • Epidemiology and mortality of hip and femoral fractures
  • Epidemiology and outcome of open tibial fractures
  • Development of a clinical CT-based method for assessment of SI-joint instability
  • Surgical treatment of chronic and acute acromioclavicular dislocations
  • Validation of the Rockwood radiological classification for acromioclavicular dislocations
  • A machine learning model for analysis of risk factors for mortality in hip fracture patients
  • D-vitamin deficiency and its effect on fracture healing
  • Muscle mass and tendon function after ankle fractures
  • Clinical function, osteoporosis and sarcopenia 10 years after a femoral neck fracture in patients younger than 70 years


  • Mortality and patient reported outcome after acute deep infection after primary total hip replacement
  • Effect of a national improvement program (PRISS) on the incidence of periprosthetic infection after total hip replacement
  • Is an automated registry data analysis as good as medical records analysis in estimating deep infection after total hip replacement
  • Development of a clinical CT-based method for assessment of total knee replacement loosening
  • Clinical and qualitative long-term follow-up of ASR hip arthroplasty
  • National long-term follow-up of BHR and ASR hip arthroplasty
  • Evaluation of multiple hip- and knee-prosthesis surgery within the national prosthesis registers
  • Socioeconomic factors related to multiple hip- and knee-prosthesis surgery
  • Complications in patients after cancellation of elective orthopedic surgery compared with patients having their planned surgery
  • Patients participation and evaluation of preoperative information on risk of complication after elective surgery


Ansvarig Wilhelmina Ekström

  • Person-centered ward round – students and patients’ perception on content
  • Students perception on the value of anatomical workshop in the course of surgery

Integrativ ortopedi

Ansvarig Paul Ackermann

STOP Leg Clots - nationell multicenterstudie (webbplats). En nationell studie som undersöker om risken för att drabbas av djup ventrombos vid underbensimmobilisering kan minskas genom en mekanisk pump, s.k. intermittent pneumatisk muskelkompression.

  • Decreased levels of SP after denervation are correlated with reduced mechanical properties in healing Achilles tendon
  • Neuronal pathways in tendon healing
  • Inflammatoriska geners/molekylers mönster vid traumatisk ledskada, med fokus på ledhinna
  • Immobilization Up-regulates Early Expression of Sensory Neuropeptides
  • Impaired Expression of the Growth Associated Protein-43 in Peripheral Tissues of A Diabetic Animal Model-the Leptin Receptor Knockout Mice
  • Diabetes Mellitus Impairs Proliferative Tendon Repair
  • Diabetes Mellitus Hampers Nerve Growth Factor Receptor in Tendon Repair
  • IGF1-R Downregulated in Diabetic Tendon Repair
  • HA Gels for Delivery of SP in Tendon Repair
  • Chemokine Expression In Tendon Repair
  • Compression Therapy Promotes Tissue Perfusion And Gene Expression
  • Intermittent Foot Compression under Plaster Cast for prevention of Venous Thromboembolism remains questionable
  • Metabolic Activity in Early Human Achilles Tendon Repair Can Be Enhanced by Intermittent Pneumatic Compression
  • Improved Functional Outcome After Compression Treatment During Tendon Immobilization
  • Decreased Thrombosis Incidence Correlates to Improved Healing and Function After Immobilization
  • Interleukin 6 is up-regulated by Intermittent Pneumatic Compression during Achilles Tendon Repair
  • Stem cells in Achilles tendon repair
  • Glutamate Receptors In Tendinopathic Patients
  • Injection Of NMDA-Receptor Antagonists Inhibit Tendinopathic Pain
  • Resistance exercise using flywheel technology promotes higher quadriceps activation


Ansvarig Henrik Bauer

  • Indication for post-operative radiotherapy after surgical treatment of a pathological fracture.
  • Functional outcome after surgery for a pathological fracture of the femur.
  • Outcome of surgery of skeletal metastases in patients with colorectal cancer.
  • Outcome of surgery for acral skeletal metastases.
  • Use and validation of the PathFx for prognostication of patients with bone metastases.
  • Characterization of the immune cell presence and interactions in soft-tissue sarcomas.
  • Ewing sarcoma: when is adjuvant radiotherapy needed.
  • The role of fine needle aspiration in diagnosis of soft tissue tumors.
  • Scandinavian sarcoma group Registry.
  • In vitro evaluation of the chemotherapy response of bone sarcomas.
  • Cytogenetic analysis of bone and soft-tissue sarcomas.
  • The use of CT-guided fine-needle aspiration in the diagnosis of bone tumours.
  • Validation of secondary opinion by musculoskeletal radiologists.
  • Pathological pulmonary nodules in sarcoma patients: characteristics associated with metastatic disease.
  • How doctor’s and patient’s delay affect the clinical outcome in sarcomas.

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