Pediatric Systems Immunology

Human immune variation
"The influences of heritable and non-heritable factors shaping human immune systems have been quantified in an analysis of healthy twins"
Newborn Immune Systems
"Immune systems are shaped by environmental influences early in life"
Precision Immunology
"We work to implement systems immunology analyses for better diagnosis and patient stratification and to guide therapeutic decision making"

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Petter Brodin

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Lakshmikanth Tadepally

Ph.D. Immunologist. Head of Facility, National Mass cytometry Facility
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Yang Chen

Ph.D. Senior Data scientist
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Jaromir Mikes

Ph.D. Head of FACS facility

Christian Pou

Ph.D. Senior scientist, Molecular Biology

Jun Wang

Ph.D. Senior scientist, Biotechnology, method development

Sayyed Auwn Muhammed

Postdoc Computational Biologist

Anna Karin Bernhardsson

Research Nurse, Neonatology

Constantin Mugabo

Research Technician

Lucie Rodriguez

Research Assistant

Ziyang Tan

PhD. student
Jelaine Legaspi