Suicide and mental health lab – Vladmir Carli and Gergö Hadlaczky's group

Our research group studies the biological, psychological, and social determinants of suicide and mental disorders, with the final objective to develop innovative methods for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Our research

Suicide and mental health lab is a research group affiliated with the National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (NASP). In an interdisciplinary environment (public health, psychology, psychiatry, molecular biology, and anthropology), we conduct research with the aim of developing innovative methods to prevent suicide and mental health problems. We also conduct studies to identify trends, risk factors and vulnerable populations related to suicide. The research that we, and other researchers, conduct is used to guide our activities within strategic public health work, education, and knowledge dissemination.  


NASP is a collaborative centre that consists of several units, all of which are organised under two main institutional frameworks: Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Stockholm County Health Care Area (SLSO) at Region Stockholm. NASP is also a WHO collaborating centre for research, method development, and education in suicide prevention. 

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