Hematological and solid tumors – Research group Xu Dawei

Our group’s major research focuses include: Epidemiology, molecular biology and certain immunological mechanisms of hematological malignancies

Hematological and solid tumors

Hematology Laboratory group belongs to the Division of Clinical Medicine and is located at BioClinicum, Cancer Theme. 

In the group, we focus our research on the following aspects:   

  1. Epidemiology, molecular biology and certain immunological mechanisms of hematological malignancie.;   
  2. The biological role of lipoxygenases, a family of enzymes which catalyzes the formation of active lipid mediators. The studies focus on the expression of lipoxygenases as a diagnostic tool and biological function in lymphoma.
  3. Cellular/molecular aspects of carcinogenesis and aging. Here we emphasize the role of telomerase and telomere in cancer development and aging process. Telomerase is an enzyme elongating telomere at chromosome ends, and both telomerase and telomere are important players in cancer and aging.

Our study projects above have both biological and clinical implications, and the obtained results will contribute to precision medicine.

Ongoing research

  • Telomerase activation and association with the ETS family transcription factor GABPA in cancer.
  • The direct and indirect role of telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) in inhibition of virus infection.


Selected publications


  • Vetenskapsrådet
  • Cancerfonden
  • Cancerföreningen

Staff and contact

Group leader

All members of the group


We collaborate with other researchers at Karolinsk Institutet and other universities. Within KI, we collabrate with professor Catharina Larsson.

Internationally, our collaborators include: professors Chengyun Zheng and Yidong Fan at Shandong University, China..

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