Lifestyle, health and pain in musculoskeletal disorders – Nina Brodin's research group

Our research is mainly focused on physical activity and exercise in the rheumatic diseases.

Research focus

Our research mainly focuses physical activity and exercise in the rheumatic diseases in intervention studies and implementation studies, development and adaptation of assessment methods and exploration of patients’ and care givers’ perspectives on physical activity. Our research is translational and multiprofessional and performed in collaboration with researchers from multiple universities in Sweden and abroad.

Research projects/activities

  • Determinants of functional outcomes after trauma in humanitarian settings
  • Physical activity in rheumatoid arthritis – the PARA 2010 study
  • Rheumatology patients’ and health professionals' awareness of physical activity measures. A survey across four European countries
  • Barriers and complications related to physical activity in rheumatic conditions
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle in rheumatology – the LIR project
  • Implementation of best practice management to prevent osteoarthritis-related disability and comorbidity in rural India
  • ICF mapping of physical ability for persons with long-term musculoskeletal pain
  • Sense of coherence and self-efficacy as predictors of activity capacity after wrist fracture

Collaborators and partners, financial support

List of our collaborators and partners, including main financial support.

Previous projects and activities