Defining the metabolic signatures of tissue resident human ILCs – Chris Tibbitt team

The current focus of the Chris Tibbitt team is understanding tissue ILC specific metabolism in the context of allergy and cancer.

The Chris Tibbitt team is part of the Jenny Mjösberg research group at the Center for Infectious Medicine (CIM).

About our research

Induction of any immune response requires metabolic changes. While a number of genes and pathways have been evaluated in T cells, the factors that link activation to alterations in metabolic state remains to be profiled in depth for human ILCs. Using the latest techniques in metabolic profiling and single cell mutli-omics, we aim to map the metabolic profiles of human ILCs across a range of tissues and inflammatory conditions. Our aim is to assess whether biological therapies can impact upon cell intrinsic metabolism. We are also seeking to determine how host metabolic state (e.g. obesity) can alter the ILC phenotypes during asthma. 


Selected publications

  1. Recombinant multimeric dog allergen prevents airway hyperresponsiveness in a model of asthma marked by vigorous TH 2 and TH 17 cell responses.
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  2. CD45RA+CD62L- ILCs in human tissues represent a quiescent local reservoir for the generation of differentiated ILCs.
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  3. Intestinal helminth infection transforms the CD4+ T cell composition of the skin.
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    Sci Immunol 2021 08;6(62): PMID:34389612 *denotes joint authorship.
  5. GPR43 regulates marginal zone B-cell responses to foreign and endogenous antigens.
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  7. Single-Cell RNA Sequencing of the T Helper Cell Response to House Dust Mites Defines a Distinct Gene Expression Signature in Airway Th2 Cells.
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