Notch signaling, ES cells, myogenic and vascular progenit breast cancer – Urban Lendahl's Group

Our long-term goal is to understand how the Notch signaling pathway functions at the molecular level, and how it controls cell fate decisions in normal development as well as when dysregulated in disease.

Our research

We work on several aspects of Notch signaling. We study the role of Notch signaling in different organ systems, including the vasculature and the liver. We also address the consequences of Notch dysregulation in disease, notably in vascular disease including CADASIL and in the liver diseases Alagille syndrome and Biliary Atresia. We also study the role of Notch in cancer, with a particular focus on breast cancer.

In addition, we (together with Christer Betsholtz’ research group) use large-scale single cell transcriptomics to gain molecular insights into various vascular cell types (vascular smooth muscle cells, pericytes and endothelial cells) and cells associated with the vasculature, such as perivascular fibroblasts and different classes of brain immune cells.


Selected publications