Malignant melanoma – Hildur Helgadottir's Group

Our research is focused on malignant melanoma. We study melanoma incidence, biology, genetics and different aspects related to prevention and treatment of the disease.

Hildur Helgadottir's research group.
Hildur Helgadottir's research group

Our projects:

1. Epidemiological studies in which health and population registers are used to map factors linked to melanoma.

2. Preventive studies to identify high-risk individuals, such as those with genetic predisposition, and to identify unknown genetic factors associated with melanoma.

3. We are studying melanoma in younger individuals to better understand factors that are related to early onset and treatment of melanoma in young patients (MELCAYA-project).

4. A phase II study in which we investigate whether the effect of immunotherapy can be improved by adding precision radiation to the metastases (the PROMMEL study).

5. Studies to identify molecular factors that may predict treatment effect in patients with metastatic melanoma (BioMelanoma).

6. Clinically relevant issues regarding genetic predisposition, treatment prediction and the emergence of treatment resistance in metastatic melanoma are also elucidated through studies on tumor models in in vitro and in vivo studies.

Current Research Funding

  • The Swedish Cancer Society
  • The Cancer Research Funds of Radiumhemmet
  • Sjöbergstiftelsen
  • Region Stockholm grants (ALF)
  • Karolinska Institutet's research funds
  • SciLifeLab Post-doc grant
  • European Union Funding -Horizon Europe




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