Molecular Vascular Medicine – Team Lars Maegdefessel

Our team is focused on understanding the therapeutic and biomarker potential of non-coding RNAs in vascular diseases.

About us

The lab aims to determine the microarchitecture of atherosclerotic plaques using multi-omics approaches, such as single cell, bulk and spatial RNA sequencing and proteomics. By using multi-omics data, we aim to identify novel therapies and biomarkers for vascular diseases, such as carotid artery disease and aortic aneurysms.


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Ekaterina Chernogubova

Laboratory engineer/ Research coordinator.


Selected publications


  • ERC
  • Vetenkapsrådet
  • Hjärt Lungfonden
  • Ragnar Söderberg Foundation

Staff and contact

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Contact persons

All members of the group


  • Daniel Y. Li, PhD
  • Susanne Eken, MD PhD
  • Albert Busch, MD, PhD
  • Changyan Sun, MSc
  • Alexandra Bäcklund, PhD

Consortia and Networks

  • European Vascular Biology Organization (EVBO; council committee member)
  • Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology Section of the American Heart Association (AHA; leadership council)

Prizes and Awards

  • ERC Starting (2016) and Consolidator Grants (2022)
  • Ragnar Söderberg Fellow in Medicine (2014)
  • Prince Daniel Research Award from HLF (2014)