Immunological tolerance and transfusion immunology – Petter Höglund group

One research focus in the group is to understand the molecular mechanisms responsible for immunological tolerance.

The group is part of the Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine (HERM).

About our research

In particular, we study natural killer cells in the mouse using a combination of cellular immunology, biophysical imaging and mathematical modeling. The intracellular signals that control functional responses and development under various conditions are studied.

A second question is to ask how various components of the immune system impact on the outcome of erythrocyte and platelet transfusion in humans.

One aim is to understand how antibodies to HLA molecules makes patients refractory to platelet transfusions and another is to study natural killer cells in transfusion reactions. The aim is to develop means to avoid such reactions and to improve transfusion practices.


immunology, natural killer cells, tolerance, platelet transfusions, HLA, intracellular signaling

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