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The group focuses on tumor microenvironment, with discovery studies as well as biomarker and drug target identification. Special attention is given to cancer-associated fibroblasts. Many studies use novel methods for spatial tissue profiling of human tumors. Collaborations with clinical researchers, SciLifeLab experts, companies, and IP collection, are common defining project features. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the use of CAFs as drug targets and biomarkers of clinical utility.

Arne Östman
Professor Arne Östman. Photo: private

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Projects commonly integrate experimental studies and profiling of clinical samples. Studies have been performed across a broad range of tumor types, including breast, prostate, ovarian, colorectal and kidney cancer. A series of ongoing studies take advantage of novel methods for high content tissue profiling, which are used both for tumor biology discovery and identification of drug targets and biomarkers.

The group actively encourage studies that take advantage of the complementary expertise of biologists, pathologists and oncologists. The group also has a longstanding track-record of studies performed in collaborations with pharma companies and biotech start-up companies.

Tumor microenvironment
Tumor microenvironment.


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