Frontal lobes and cognitive failure – Wahlund's research group

Two research areas are conducted. Partly a project on alcohol and cognitive impairment and partly imaging-based research on frontal lobe dementia.

Research projects

Alcohol and cognitive impairment

The project, which is a planned PhD project, aims to investigate the role of alcohol abuse in the development of cognitive impairment and dementia.

Frontal lobe dementia

In this project, people with frontal lobe dementia are investigated with MRI based imaging. Partly, empathy is studied with a particular paradigm and fMRI technique, partly examining the brain's morphology and cortical thickness as well as atrophy in specific, relevant regions studied in people with frontal lobe dementia, Alzheimer's and control subjects. This project is part of the larger Swedish FTD initiative, a consortium with participants from KI, KTH as well as the Science Life lab.


Collaboration with the imaging group at NVS, the section for clinical geriatrics. Collaboration with epidemiological research in Gothenburg.

Research support

With special thanks to the following donors for the support they provide or earlier provided to our research:

  • SCC; ALF and project grants
  • Schörlingstiftelse

Staff and contact

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