Palliative Medicin – Linda Björkhem-Bergman's research group

Our research group conducts research in Palliative Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology. The research group started at the Department of Clinical Geriatrics, NVS, in January 2018 and we have our clinical base at Stockholm Sjukhem, Dept of Palliative Medicine. The research group consists of me Linda, as Principal Investigator, and my PhD student Caritha Klasson och my postdoc Helena Bergström and two post-docs who work part time with research, Gabriella Frisk, MD, PhD, and Maria Helde-Frankling, MD

The goal of our research is to find new pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments to improve the quality of life and reduce the symptom burden in end-of-life patients. We mainly conduct clinical studies where the research issues come from our daily clinical work in palliative care. We also have translational and experimental projects in collaboration with several different research groups at the Department of Laboratory Medicine, KI. My main focus in recent years has been to investigate the possible positive effects of vitamin D treatment on cancer patients and the effects of vitamin D on the immune system. We also have projects on the function of the immune system at the end of life, evaluation of infection treatments in palliative cancer care, projects on nutrition, treatment options for cancer related fatigue, various aspects of drug treatment in palliative care with a focus on gender differences and  drug metabolism in end-of-life patients.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Palliative D - a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study of vitamin D treatment to palliative cancer patients
  • The function of the immune system in end-of-life
  • Studies of cancer-induced fatigue - etiology and possible treatments
  • Drug metabolism in end-of-life
  • Drug treatment in palliative care – when och how should be terminate cardiovascular preventive medicines?
  • Cortisone treatment in Palliative Cancer Care
  • How can we best conduct randomized studies in palliative care and thus contribute to more evidence-based treatments? Qualitative interview studies with patients, next-of-kin and healthcare professionals.


  • ALF Project grants 
  • Cancerfonden (The Swedish Cancer Society)
  • Vetenskapsrådet



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