Mikael Rydén & Niklas Mejhert lab

The Mikael Rydén & Niklas Mejhert lab studies multiple features of the human white adipocyte, in particular lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, energy storage capacity and immunometabolism.

The group is part of the Endocrinology Unit at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH).

Group leaders

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Niklas Mejhert

Principal Researcher

After spending five years as a Postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, Niklas returned to Karolinska Institutet in 2019 on a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global fellowship. Shortly after his return, he started a joint group with Mikael Rydén.

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Mikael Ryden

Professor/Senior Physician

Mikael is a Senior consultant in endocrinology and Professor of adipose tissue research. He has spent the last 25 years of his career focusing on studies of white adipose tissue. Mikael is the co-leader of the research group together with Niklas Mejhert.

Support staff

Thais De Castro Barbosa

Senior Research Infrastructure Specialist

Thais received her Ph.D. at the University of Sao Paulo. Thereafter she moved to Stockholm for her postdoctoral studies, where she focused on the effects of paternal transgenerational inheritance of metabolic diseases.

Thais joined the Rydén and Mejhert lab in 2018 as Research Specialist.

Katarina Hertel

Research nurse

Katarina is an experienced research nurse who is the key person in all clinical studies performed in the lab. She is an expert in methods such as clamps, indirect calorimetry, tissue biopsies and different types of metabolic challenges.

Lena Lindberg


Lena is the administrative anchor of the research group and has been working at Karolinska Institutet over three decades. She is the go-to person for everything spanning from orders to travels as well as all other small and big administrative tasks.

Eva Steninger

Research nurse

Ewa is an experienced research nurse who is involved in all clinical studies performed in the lab. She has vast experience in methods such as ultrasound to determine carotid-intima media thickness and peripheral tissue oxygen measures.

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Lina Cordeddu

Senior Research Infrastructure Specialist

Lina earned her Ph.D. in Italy and subsequently worked in Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Sweden where she focused multiple different aspects of cardiovascular disease and cancer. At the Rydén and Mejhert lab since 2023, Lina works as a lab manager.


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Open positions

We are always interested in recruiting talented and curious researchers. All positions at Karolinska Institutet are advertised in open competition. If you want to know more about open positions within the research group, please contact mikael.ryden@ki.se or niklas.mejhert@ki.se


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