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We strive to bridge the medical management know-do gap by researching, developing, and disseminating innovative management practices together with practitioners, patients, and informal care givers.

About us

We recognize the many examples of high quality clinical work that exist across health care contexts. We also acknowledge the frustrations of staff, managers, politicians, patients, and informal care givers regarding experiences, costs, and outcomes of health care. That is why our goal is to establish long-term research and educational collaborations with health care stakeholders to understand and share concrete examples of what works and how to make things better.

The research group aims to improve clinical impact by contributing to the knowledge about how we:

  • coordinate
  • lead
  • innovate 
  • improve

health care services to generate better outcomes for patients and more value for staff, individuals, and their families.

We employ participatory multi-method research designs to contribute to our collaborators' learning and advance the existing evidence base in health care management. Our projects typically start with a real world clinical management challenge and should you find yourself in such a situation, you are very welcome to contact us. 

Head of the research group

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Carl Savage

Research group leader

Carl Savage has a background in medicine and management. His main areas of research expertise include Leadership, Learning, Organizations, Improvement and Innovation as well as a passion for improving patient safety.


Selected publications

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Current projects 

  • Home monitoring for people living with chronic conditions 
  • Organisational responses to COVID-19
  • Exploring the role of machine learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI) in complex chronic care 
  • Value creating strategies/Value-Based Health Care (VBHC)
  • Patient-driven innovations
  • Team-training and patient safety 
  • AI implementation 
  • Effective medical leadership  
  • Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC)

Completed PhD-projects 

  • Jens Jacob Fredriksson: "How can health care organizations create value? Business model explorations"
  • Marie Storkholm: "Innovation inside the box : how contextual constraints can contribute to improvement in health care"
  • Anthony Larsson: "Too big to fail? A case study of the rise and fall of a medical research infrastructure"
  • George Keel: "Counting what counts: time-driven activity-based costing in health care"
  • Mairi Savage: "Transforming medical competency into medical management capability: developing physician leaders by finding management in medicine"
  • Samira Al Rawahi
  • Mikael Ohrling: "Enterprise within the enterprise"
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