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Our aim is to identify genetic factors that predispose to the development of neuropsychiatric and metabolic disorders. We focus on understanding how genes and environment contribute to development and treatment of psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disease, schizophrenia and anorexia. We also focus on the anorectic state that is sometimes observed in end state renal disease, often in combination with cardiovascular complications and inflammation.

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The aim of our research is to identify molecular risk and health factors with the goal of improving diagnostics and treatment for ADHD, anorexia, bipolar disorder, depression and psychosis.

We investigate molecular markers and mechanisms of disease and treatment effects through genetic, epigenetic and biochemical analyses. Our studies have a particular focus on the interconnected processes of inflammation, metabolic dysregulation and mitochondrial activity. We mainly use clinical and population-based naturalistic cohorts, but also models in cells and mice. We also work in large international consortia for psychiatric genetics.


A better quality of life for people with mental illness.

Objectives of the group's overall operations

To increase knowledge of the molecular causes behind mental illness to improve treatment and preventive care. To implement our findings in care and society. To contribute with analysis platforms to collaborative partners to drive technological development in molecular psychiatry. To educate the next generation of researchers and clinics in molecular psychiatry.

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Scientific advisors

Fredrik Lönnqvist

Fredrik Lönnqvist is an M.D, Ph.D. Associate Professor with a broad medical, academic and life science industry background. His working life experience, spanning over 35+ years, includes clinical practice and research as well as the healthcare industry.

Fredrik has a broad international experience, bringing nine drug candidates and numerous nutritional products from discovery to the market. His therapeutic experience includes Metabolism, Cardiovascular, CNS, Immunology, Oncology, Respiratory and Nutrition. Fredrik is specialized in internal medicine and endocrinology. He has been reviewer for several journals including Nature Medicine, Lancet and Diabetologia.

Fredrik Lonnqvist

Scientific advisor

Olle Ljungqvist

Olle Ljungqvist got his MD and PhD  at KI with focus on surgery and Endocrinology. Now professor of surgery.

His original publications and reviews are in the field of surgical metabolism and nutrition, enhanced recovery, stress and malnutrition. He is a frequent internationally invited speaker worldwide, and has several leading positions in national and international societies including European Society for Clincial Nutrition and Metabolism, General secretary 2000-2004, Chairman 2006-2010 International Association for Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition, President 2009-2013. He is Co-founder and Chairman ERAS Society (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Society for Perioperative Care) 2010-. His research is on metabolic and clinical factors that improve outcome in medical procedures, in particular in surgery.

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Olle Ljungqvist

Scientific advisor

Dan Edwall

Dan Edwall had his PhD at KI in 1993 and has since then been active in research and development within the pharmaceutical industry and the nutraceutical industry.

Dan Edwall

Scientific advisor

Core Facilities

KIGene Core Facility offer genetic analyses, covering Sanger DNA sequencing, gene expression and genotyping, as well as digital spatial profiling and epigenetic analysis mainly aiming at small to medium size projects.

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