Teaching of the IMPAQT group

We work with a philosophy of integrating research and education.

MSc students joining the ALERT study and the IMPAQT research group meeting. Photo: Claudia Hanson

Within our group, we are actively contributing to strengthening the interaction and synergies between education and research. We see education and training as part of our global commitment to thrive to a sustainable development. We are interdisciplinary and intercultural teachers who try to emphasize that teaching needs to go hand in hand with research at a university. Within our group we have members active in education management, course leadership and lecturing. We supervise doctoral and master students in global public health, students from other programs at Karolinska Institutet and at other Universities in and outside of Sweden.

Course organisation

We have the following course organisation responsibilities:

Helle leads a 5-week course in “Qualitative Methods” in the Master’s programme in Public Health Sciences including the 2 tracks on public health epidemiology and health promotion and prevention, https://education.ki.se/programme-syllabus/4FH19

Helle also is responsible for the module on qualitative methods in the course “Research Methods” in the Master’s programme in Global Health, https://education.ki.se/programme-syllabus/3GB12

Claudia leads 2-week “Research management” of the Master’s in Public Health Sciences https://education.ki.se/programme-syllabus/4FH19

Sibylle leads a 8-week course “Health systems and Policy” (10 credits) in the Health Economics, Policy and Management master program  https://education.ki.se/programme/4hm17-masters-in-health-economics-policy-and-management

PhD training courses

We also organise PhD training courses: Claudia leads the 2-week course “Core concepts in Global Health and Global Burden of Disease” and “Research Management for Quality Data Collection)

Doctoral Programme in Biology of Infections and Global Health (BIGH) | Karolinska Institutet (ki.se)

Sibylle leads the course on “Health Policy and Management” of the Doctoral programme in Public Health Science (PHSP) | Medarbetare (ki.se)

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