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In our research on ageing and the living conditions of older people, we use cross-sectional and longitudinal data from interviews and registers. The research group is focusing on a number of research questions related to the physical and mental health of older adults, integrated health and social care, health literacy, family relationships and loneliness, as well as a number of aspects of group-level inequality.

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Carin Lennartsson

Carin Lennartsson in episode #100 of KI's podcast Medicinvetarna

"Loneliness can be a problem for those who get very old, as many of their friends and loved ones have passed away". Carin Lennartsson is one of the researchers interviewed in KI’s podcast Medicinvetarna episode #100, on the topic "100-year-olds". The episode explores various aspects and consequences of the fact that more and more people are getting older (in Swedish).

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