Research - Thoracic Surgery

The overall aim of the research, education and development at the Section of Cardiac Surgery is to advance the treatment options and modalities for the benefit of our patients. Our research is characterized by substantial independence of the different researchers and includes a wide variety of topics, approaches and techniques. The research includes areas such as stem cells, genetics, molecular mechanisms, surgical techniques, postoperative outcome and risk stratification being truly translational.

The research is further multidisciplinary, transparent and open for external assessment. It includes all types of patients and all types of co-workers. The efforts should also be conducted in a spirit of inclusion meaning that every patient as well as every co-worker should be given the opportunity to participate. Research, development and education should be apparent and present at all times generating a spirit of commitment, pride and joy.

Please visit the Swedish page for more information about ongoing research projects.

Content reviewer:
Lilian Pagrot