Translational research in childhood cancer

Our overall aim is to improve survival in childhood cancer and hematological diseases (histiocytosis). To do so we have several projects on different aspects of these diseases on clinical, molecular and cellular level as well as in clinical trials.
The main research projects are presented in the links below:

  • Epitranscriptomics in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. PI: Frida Holm

Group members

Nikolas Herold, MD, PhD, Paediatrician, Associate Professor
Anette Langebäck, PhD, Research coordinator
Ingrid Lilienthal, MD, PhD, Post doc
Siliva Angori, PhD, post doc
Rakan Naboulsi, PhD, post doc
Magdalena Barbachowska, PhD, post doc
Nikolaos Tsesmetzis, doktorand
Agnes Luise Sorteberg, PhD-student
Hala Habash, PhD-student
Dawei Song, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher
Linnea Ek, pediatrician, PhD-student

Fredrik Baecklund, MD, PhD, Clinical oncologist, affiliated researcher
Karin Henning MD, Paediatrician, PhD-student
Maria Sjöborg Alpman, MD, Paediatrician, PhD-student
Agneta Månsson-Broberg, MD, PhD, Senior physician, adjunct lecturer

Jan-Inge Henter, MD, PhD, Paediatrician, Professor
Désirée Gavhed, PhD, Senior research specialist/administrator
Tatiana von Bahr Greenwood MD, PhD, Barnläkare, affiliated researcher
Alexandra Löfstedt, MD, PhD-student
Malin Sveijer, Md, barnläkare, doktorand

Magdalini Lourda, PhD, Senior research specialist, adjunct
Daniel Hagey, PhD, Post doc, adjunct
Elisabet Bergsten, PhD, Data manager
Indranil Sinha, PhD, Bioinformatician

Frida Holm, PhD, Assistant Professor
Sabina Enlund, PhD-student

Shahrzad Shirazi Fard, PhD, Assistant Professor



Lars Ährlund-Richter PhD, Professor Emeritus
Marie Meeths, MD, PhD, Paediatrician
AnnaCarin Horne, MD, PhD, Paediatrician
Selma Olsson Åkefeldt, MD, PhD, Paediatrician
Maja Ideström, MD, PhD, Paediatrician
Egle Kvedaraite, MD, PhD