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Technology is changing the world and bioelectronic medicine is at the forefront of this technological revolution. The pharmaceutical industry's history is based on therapies that target molecular mechanisms, yet these therapies are expensive, difficult to administer, often toxic, and may be accompanied by lethal side effects. Bioelectronic medicine — the convergence of molecular medicine; neuroscience and biology; and electronics and computing to develop cures — may change the future of therapies for a wide variety of diseases. This groundbreaking discipline is aimed at interfacing electronics with nerves to specifically target the biological processes underlying disease. Bioelectronic medicine is now at the epicenter of where healthcare, technology, and science converge. A unique moment exists to characterize the challenges and opportunities facing the future of this scientific domain

13th Key symposium

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Bioelektronisk Medicin – nervsignaler som medicin


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Peder Olofsson

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Göran K Hansson


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