Cardiovascular Medicine

The mission of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine is to unravel the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease and contribute building blocks for improved therapy and better outcomes.

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In the division, we integrate expertise in immunology, metabolism, bioinformatics, and neuroscience with clinical research to study the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease development. Many projects start with an observation in a clinical cohort and strive to understand underlying pathophysiological mechanisms at the cellular and molecular level, ideally providing improved treatment targets.

The division organizes a number of courses in cardiovascular and inflammation biology and hosts the Stockholm Center for Bioelectronic Medicine.

Our research 

The research is carried out in the department's research groups. Many research groups are divided into teams that focus on different perspectives of the group's research.

Research group Magnus Bäck: Translational Cardiology.

Research group Carolina Hagberg: Lipid handling in health and cardiometabolic disease.
- Team Ehrenborg: Autophagy and cardiovascular disease.

Research group Stephen Malin: Lipoproteins and the Immune System.

Research group Roland Nilsson: Cellular metabolism.

Research group Peder Olofsson: Pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.
- Team Björck Molecular and epidemiological studies of ascending aortic aneurysms.
- Team Gigante: Cardiovascular epidemiology
- Team Gisterå: Immunology of atherosclerosis.
- Team Li: Atherothrombosis research.
- Team Maegdefessel: Molecular Vascular Medicine
- Team Olofsson: Inflammation neuroscience.

Research group Magdalena Paolino: Genes function and molecular bases of diseases.

Contact the division

Organizational affiliation:  Cardiovascular Medicine is a division at the Department of Medicine, Solna (MedS).

Administrative support: If you are employed at, affiliated with, or have a case linked to the division, please contact the division's administrator.

Visiting address: Akademiska Stråket 1, Bioclinicum, J8:10, 171 64  Solna.

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Angela Silveira

Division Administrator, Researcher
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