About the research | Epidemiology and Public Health Intervention Research (EPHIR)

Research areas

Research projects encompass descriptive, analytical as well as experimental studies in both community and institutional settings, with particular focus on social, behavioral and lifestyle factors of importance for human health during the whole life span. Also, studies rest on a variety of data sources, involving ad-hoc surveys, population-based registers, as well as biologic samples, particularly molecular genetics.


There are ongoing national collaborations within KI and external with Stockholm University,  the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Lund University, and many other international academic institutions. An important partner is the Centre for Epidemiology and Community Health of Stockholm County Health Care District (CES), where some of the group researchers have part-time commitments.

Internationally the group holds collaborations with Helsinki University, Oxford Brookes and Sheffield University (UK) and Avogadro University (IT) Within the group, a consortium between Norway (NIPH-FHI), Finland (THL) and Sweden (KI) has been promoted to conduct joint studies of the association between tobacco use and COVID-19.). 

The group is among the promoters of the European Society of Prevention Research (EUSPR).


The group's members are actively involved in education at all levels as responsible for both programs and courses. Yearly we supervise several master students in their degree projects. For inquiries on degree projects, we refer to the PIs listed under current research projects.

Doctoral theses


Currently, the group has received financial support from Forte, Swedish Research Council, NordForsk, the Public Health Agency, and Stockholm Region Health Care sector.

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