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Tony Pansell's research group

In Sweden and at Karolinska Institutet we have a long and proud tradition of vision research. The Sigvard and Marianne Bernadotte Research Laboratory for Pediatric Ophthalmology is the countrys most advanced laboratory for research on childrens eyes and vision.

Research at the Bernadotte Lab

The overall goal of the work at the laboratory is to use vision and eye movements to understand the workings of the brain in health and disease. The aim with our studies is to increase knowledge and invent new methods that can be used to learn about developmental aspects of fundamental and functional eye movements. At the lab, we are ophthalmologists, optometrists, orthoptists, and linguists. Most of our research is clinical and involves eye tracking.

Developmental Eye Movements

The developmental eye movement research program is focused on applying and evaluating methods to examine vision in children that can enable us to learn more about vision deficits related to brain damage, autism spectrum disorders, metabolic diseases, and cerebral palsy. Principal investigator is Jan Ygge, MD, PhD.

Fundamental Eye Movements

The fundamental eye movement research program is focused on investigating and modelling basic eye motility properties in order to learn more about how the visual system works. The research involves eye tracking on healthy and diseased subjects. Principal investigator is Tony Pansell, OD, PhD.

Functional Eye Movements

The functional eye movement research program is focused on measuring and analysing eye movements during higher order tasks such as reading, visual search, and emotion recognition. The research involves using eye tracking to evaluate a subjects performance. Principal investigator is Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr, MA, PhD.

Research Projects

  • Development of eye movements
  • Basal research of eye movements
  • Functional eye movements
  • Cerebral eye damage and plasticity
  • Optic nerve damage and metabolic diseases

Selected Publications

Visual function, ocular motility and ocular characteristics in patients with mitochondrial complex I deficiency.
Fahnehjelm K, Olsson M, Naess K, Wiberg M, Ygge J, Martin L, et al
Acta Ophthalmol 2012 Feb;90(1):32-43

[pubmed:21240605 ]

Changes of saccadic eye movements in thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy.
Schworm H, Bolzani R, Benassi M, Tallstedt L, Rydberg A, Lennerstrand G, et al
Acta Ophthalmol 2012 Dec;90(8):713-20

Visual influence on the slow oscillatory eye movement discovered during a visual fixation task.
Zhang B, Pansell T, Ygge J, Bolzani R
Vision Res. 2011 Oct;51(19):2139-44

Group members


Urszula Arnljots Graduate Student
Ida Bergman Associated
Kristina Fahnehjelm Lecturer senior, adjunct
Kerstin Hellgren Associated
Lena Ivert Associated
Lena Jacobson Associated
Jan Johansson Lecturer
Gunnar Lennerstrand Associated
Mattias Nilsson Assistant professor
Monica Olsson Lecturer, adjunct
Tony Pansell Research team leader, Senior lecturer/optician
Agneta Rydberg Lecturer senior
Ragnar Seton Research engineer
Athanasia Skriapa-Manta Graduate Student
Andrea Strandberg PhD student
Arne Tribukait Associated
Tobias Wibble Graduate Student
Jan Ygge Professor/senior physician
Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr Senior researcher