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The field of physiological optics is wide and is related to the process of seeing, i.e., the optics of the eye, the physiological and psychological process of seeing, and the structure of the eye and visual system.

Physiological optics also include sensitivity to light and colour, the focusing mechanism of the eye (accommodation), adaptation, visual acuity, the perception of depth (3D) and visual illusions.

The interest for this area has increased the last years due to the development of 3D displays and the processing and tolerance to the information provided with 3D techniques.

In our research group we currently are working on projects involving the process of accommodation and treatment of accommodative dysfunctions, binocular vision eye movement disorders and its treatment, 3D displays, lighting and its importance in relation to eye movements and binocular vision, and evaluation and development/improvement of instrumentation for test of the visual function mainly related to the detection and follow up of ocular abnormalities.


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