SCREAM stands for the ”Stockholm CREAtinine Measurements" project and has the principal aims to estimate the burden and consequences of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in healthcare, and to identify inappropriate drug use (prescription of nephrotoxic, contraindicated or ill-dosed drugs).


The development of simple creatinine-based equations to estimate kidney function has contributed to raise awareness on the epidemics of chronic kidney disease (CKD) to the category of major public health problem. CKD is an important contributor to the burden of non-communicable diseases, leading to poor quality of life and severely reduced life expectancy. CKD also has a substantial impact on societal costs, by increasing per se the need for healthcare services and contributing to work disability. Further, the consequences of CKD are of importance for many other aspects of healthcare, including the incidence of other comorbidities or impairment on the diagnostic accuracy of laboratorial analyses and medical devices dependent on protein or fluid retention by the failing kidneys. Notwithstanding that creatinine is a very common and low-cost assessment in healthcare, systematic screening programs are lacking and, in most societies, the awareness of CKD among both physicians and patients remains very low.

Kidney dysfunction affects, and also is affected by drug metabolism. Many drugs have nephrotoxic effects per se or by forcing hydrophilic drug hyperfiltration in damaged kidneys. Further, significant morbidity is experienced due to medication accumulation and exposure in CKD, commonly leading to adverse events, prolonged length of hospital stay, increased healthcare cost and even death, even when drug clearance is mediated by non-renal mechanisms. Due to low CKD awareness, the risk for inappropriate drug utilization in the community is high, compromising drug safety and effectiveness.

Project description

SCREAM is a complete healthcare utilisation cohort of Stockholm residents. SCREAM has been made possible by collaboration with our healthcare provider, Region Stockholm (formerly Stockholm County Council), and its main laboratory service providers (Unilabs, Karolinska and Aleris), which together perform the vast majority of laboratory analyses of the County.

Map of the healthcare use in Region Stockholm for routine creatinine testing.

SCREAM includes laboratory and healthcare use information of all residents of the region of Stockholm that underwent plasma creatinine or albuminuria testing in connection to a healthcare consultation.

  • The first phase (period 2006-2012) includes 1.3 million adults (68% of the population census for that period).
  • The second phase (period 2006-2019) is currently under construction.

Together with kidney function estimates, a wide range of laboratory measurements is also available. Laboratory data was thereafter linked with a variety of Regional and National Health Care Registers to conform the largest and most comprehensive healthcare utilisation cohort of Sweden.

SCREAM is coupled with a practical implementation program within Region Stockholm aimed at raising awareness among prescribers of the importance of kidney dysfunction and drug interactions.

We welcome research collaborations. Please, do contact us if you share our fascination for cardiorenal epidemiology research.

Overview of register linkages and data sources of the SCREAM study 2006-2019.
Profile image

Juan-Jesus Carrero

Project leader, Professor

Jim Alkas, PhD student

Edouard L Fu, PhD student, LUMC, the Netherlands

Michael Eklund, PhD student, Örebro Universitet

Nanbo Zhu, PhD student, KI

Yang Xu, Postdoctoral researcher, KI

Guobin Su, Postdoctoral researcher, KI

Hong Xu, Postdoctoral researcher, KI

Alessandro Gasparini, Postdoctoral researcher, KI

Erik Nilsson, Postdoc, Örebro Universitet

Junichi Ishigami, Assistant Scientist, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Zheng Chang, assistant professor, KI

Vivekananda Lanka, Database manager

Linn Austin, Research administrator

Peter Barany, MD and Associate Professor, KI/KS

Arvid Sjölander, Senior researcher, KI

Gianluigi Savarese, Senior researcher, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, KI

Marie Evans, MD, PhD, KI/KS

Karolina Szummer, MD, KI/KS

Abdul R. Qureshi, Senior researcher, KI

Fang Fang, professor, KI

Carl G. Elinder, Professor, MD, KI/KS

Bengt Lindholm, Adjunct Professor, Baxter Novum, KI

Paul Hjemdal, Senior Professor, KI

Tomas Jernberg, Professor/Senior physician, KI

Lars H Lund, Professor/Senior physician, KI

Johan Ärnlöv, Professor, KI

Rino Bellocco, Professor, University of Milano-Bicocca/Senior Lecturer, KI

Björn Wettermark, Professor, Uppsala Universitet

Friedo W Dekker, Professor, LUMC, the Netherlands

CKD-prognosis consortium, International

Global Burden of disease consortium, International


Our work has received funding from several public funding bodies, including The Swedish Research Council (VR), The Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation (HLF), Stockholm County Council (ALF), the Stig and Gunborg Westman Foundation, the Martin Rind's Foundation, the European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplantation Association (ERA-EDTA) and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Our post-marketing surveillance of kidney disease and cardiovascular therapies has received funding from AstraZeneca, ViforPharma, Astellas, Merck, and Novartis.


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Papers where the SCREAM project has collaborated with the CKD Prognosis Consortium

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Additional papers

The SCREAM project fed data to the Global Burden of Disease Consortium and you can find the papers here.

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