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The IBD Alliance at the Karolinska Institutet/Hospital is a network of physicians and researchers (physicians/non-physicians) interested in IBD. The aim is to promote the interaction between clinical care and research in IBD.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affects about 1% of the Swedish population. It is generally divided into ulcerative colitis (UC), Crohn’s disease (CD), and unspecified IBD (IBD-U). IBD has undergone major changes over time. While the mortality in the 1950s was 30-40%, new treatment has meant that death is now rare in IBD. Initial treatment was restricted to bowel surgery (especially colectomy), until steroids were introduced and later 5-ASA and thiopurines. Today, IBD is one of the most exciting areas for new treatments. TNF-blockers and other biologics have shown great effect. Also the interplay between microbiota and dietary intake yields promises (the NOD2 mutation plays an important role in Crohn’s disease and recognises bacterial peptides). In children enteral nutrition often has a substantial effect on disease activity, and fecal transplantation is a potential treatment.

The increased survival in IBD means that physicians more and more will have to focus on long-term complications such as colorectal cancer, lymphoma and opportunistic infections. Patients are followed by regular visits to physicians, dieticians, dedicated IBD nurses etc, and IBD-specific diagnostics include fecal calprotectin and endoscopy and increasingly ultrasound and magnetic resonance.

Contact person and coordinator for the IBD Alliance network


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Sven Almer

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Henrik Arnell

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Johan Askling

Professor/Senior Physician
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Ann-Sofie Backman

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Annika Bergquist

Professor/Senior Physician

Francesca Bresso

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Thomas Casswall

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Charlotte Hedin

Adjunct Lecturer

Marjo Kapraali

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Annika Karlsson

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Ulrik Lindforss

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Fredrik Lindgren

Lina Lindström

Mikael Lördal

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Petter Malmborg

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Natalia Mouratidou

Per Nilsson

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Ola Olén

Affiliated To Research;Affiliated to Research;Adjunct Senior Lecturer
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Mattias Svensson

Principal Researcher

Helena Thulin

Assistant Senior Lecturer

Ongoing projects

Ludvigsson, Jonas: network coordinator, KI,Risk of cancer in IBD - a registry-based study. The primary objective is to evaluate the risk of cancer in children and adults with IBD taking disease location, grade of inflammation and treatment into account.

Bresso, Francesca, KI: Role of epigenetic modifications in IBD. To evaluate epigenetic modifications in IBD, causative and regulatory role, related gene-environment interaction and identification of putative biomarkers

Ekbom, Anders, KI. Chronic inflammation - will it be less harmful after anti-inflammatory therapy? Follow-up of different patient groups with chronic inflammation with regards to morbidity, mortality utilization of health care, following different interventions, including surgery.

Hedin, Charlotte, KS. Altered intestinal microbiota and blood T-cell phenotype are shared by Crohn’s disease patients and their unaffected siblings: This project aimed to delineate the genetic, immune and microbiological profile of CD patients, their siblings and controls and also to determine which factors discriminate groups.

Lindström, Lina, KS. Recurrence of PSC after liver transplantation: The aim of the study is to identify/confirm risk factors for recurrent PSC in a large and well characterized cohort of PSC patients. Emphasis on IBD-related risk factors such as inflammatory activity and colectomy.

Malmborg, Petter, KS. Prognosis of pediatric IBD: Some studies suggest that childhood-onset of disease represents a more aggressive phenotype of IBD. We are studying the presentation and progression of patients diagnosed with IBD during childhood in a population-based cohort from northern Stockholm County 1990-2007.

Olén, Ola, KI. Etiology of Inflammatory bowel disease  

-"'--"'- Prognosis of Inflammatory bowel disease

Selected publications

Association of inflammatory bowel disease in first-degree relatives with risk of colorectal cancer: A nationwide case-control study in Sweden.
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Aliment Pharmacol Ther 2022 Sep;56(6):1007-1017

Prevalence and Implications of Frailty in Older Adults With Incident Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Nationwide Cohort Study.
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