Research in Innovation and Bioentrepreneurship

Bioentrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary field of research within social sciences. Based on theoretical perspectives from management, organisation, strategy and behavioural sciences, we explore challenges facing life science industry.

A wide range of methodologies are applied including cases studies, network analysis, patent analysis, bibliometrics, interviews and surveys. The focus of research are different actors in the Life Sciences Industry, e.g. companies, universities, venture capital firms, governmental organizations and entrepreneurs, both on a national and an international level.

Areas of research at UBE

Innovation, Innometrics and Intellectual Property Management

CLEOS – AI Technology Project with Focus on Patient Medical History

Doctoral theses

2020 External collaborations in multinational pharmaceutical companies - Francesca Bignami

2017 Exploring connectivity : invention, innovation and knowledge transfer in the university-industry interface - Charlotta Dahlborg

2017 Beyond bean counting : using patent information to investigate inventive productivity in academia - Danielle Lewensohn

2011 European knowledge transfer reflected by research collaboration and patent citations indicators - Pauline Mattsson

Content reviewer:
Liisa Olsson