CLEOS – AI Technology Project with Focus on Patient Medical History

CLEOS is a knowledge based decision support system where the patient interacts direct with the software through a tablet or computer. CLEOS collects patient symptoms and medical history, it summarizes and analyses the result and gives differential diagnostic suggestions to responsible physician.

icon showing seated patient and device with CLEOS written on it.

The CLEOS Project

The purpose with CLEOS is to improve quality and use of the patients’ medical history and advance the physician’s ability to give the right diagnosis and therapy.

The ultimate goal is do decrease the morbidity and mortality among patients.

The quality of collected data is improved, partly due to standardized collection methods. Also, due to that bias is limited through that the patient interacts directly with the software; instead of present situation, where what data that is entered in the medical record is dependant on what the healthcare personnel decided what is important.

Ongoing Research

Chest Pain Danderyd Study

Computerized collection of patient medical history of patients with chest pain at the emergency unit. Doctoral project with overall research aim to assess whether computerized, patient-reported history-taking with CLEOS can improve the management of chest pain in the emergency department by reducing the time to  acute coronary syndrome (ACS) diagnosis (e.g. heart infarction), improving the diagnostic accuracy and use of resources.

Helge Brandberg at the Department of Clinical Sciences, is integrating CLEOS in his research at Danderyd Hospital.

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