Global Reproductive Health (GRH)

The overall aim of the research group is to improve access to high-quality sexual and reproductive health services with a special focus on immigrant women, adolescents and low and middle income countries.

This research group focuses on the development of safe, effective and accepted methods of contraception and abortion, and means to improve access and quality of care including through task sharing and telemedicine. Previous and ongoing projects within this group include research in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Latin America, and Europe. The group apply both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and have a special interest in experimental design. The research is in the interface of caring sciences, public/global health and reproductive medicine/health and gynaecology. In the future, several new concepts and clinical applications will be the focus and integrated in order to systematically translate knowledge into practice and assure that comprehensive abortion care is evidence-based, accessible and of high-quality.

Group members

Researchers and Postdocs

Marie Klingberg Allvin

RNM, PhD, visiting professor at KI and University of Michigan, U.S

Josaphat Byamugisha

Professor, Head of Dept Makere University, Uganda

Elin Larsson

PhD, associate professor

Amanda Cleeve

RNM, MSc, PhD, Postdoc

Kakaire Othman

MD, PhD, Post doc

Margit Endler

MD, PhD, Post doc

Rebecca Gomperts


PhD students

Ulrika Loi Rehnström

PhD student

Susan Atuhairwe

PhD student

Sarah De Masi

PhD student

Ritha Bakesiima

PhD student

Herbert Kaigya

PhD student

Emelie Looft-Trägårdh

PhD student