Funding and partners - Björkström Lab

The current and past funding for the Björkström Lab is listed on this page.

Current funding 2021 – 

ERC Starting Grant (2021-2025)

VR Establishment Grant (Ponzetta, 2021-2024)

VR Establishment Grant (Ivarsson, 2021-2024)

VR Establishment Grant (Cornillet, 2021-2024)

NovoNordisk Foundation Ascending Investigator Grant (2022-2026)

Swedish Cancer Foundation (2021-2023)

VR Clinical Scientist grant (2019-2024)

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research – Future Research Leader Grant (2017-2021)

Wallenberg Academy Fellow Grant (2017-2021)

CIMED Young Investigator Grant (2017-2021)

Stockholm County Council ALF-funding (2017-2022)

Past funding (2011-2020)

Swedish Cancer Society (2018-2020)

Swedish Cancer Society (2015-2017)

Swedish Research Council Young Investigator Grant (2015-2018)

Swedish Society for Medical Research (2015-2018)

NovoNordisk Foundation Young Excellence Project (2015-2019)

Karolinska Institutet CSTP-grant (2015-2018)

Cancer Research Foundations of Radiumhemmet (2014-2018)

Karolinska Institutet KID-grant (2014-2017)

Karolinska Institutet Assistant Professor Tenure Track Grant (2014-2017)

Wallströms Foundation


Julins Foundation

Swedish Society of Medicine

Bengt Ihre Foundation

Nanna Svartz Foundation

Magnus Bergwalls Foundation

OE och Edla Johanssons Foundation

Åke Olsson Foundation

Groschinsky Foundation

Jaenssons Foundation

Hedlunds Foundation

Åke Wibergs Foundation

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