Conference contribution - Schulte lab

The members of the Schulte lab contribute to a number of conferences in the fields of molecular pharmacology.


Gunnar Schulte is an invited speaker at the 11th MPGPCR (Molecular Pharmacology of GPCRs) meeting in Melbourne held the 15th-17th of Nov 2023.

Gunnar Schulte contributes to the Nordic Symposium at the 19th World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology 2023 (WCP2023) with a talk on the 5th of July 2023.

The Schulte lab will be well-represented at the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Gordon Research Seminar (GRS)in Molecular Pharmacology in June 11-16 2023. Gunnar Schulte and Lukas Graetz are invited speakers.


4GPCRnet – International Symposium Sept 26-29, 2022 (Leipzig, Germany) – Gunnar Schulte is invited speaker

25th Jubilee Meeting on Signal Transduction Nov 2 - 4, 2022 (Weimar, Germany) – Gunnar Schulte is invited speaker (Hot Topics in Signal Transduction)


G protein-coupled receptors - from physiology to drugs

8th International meeting.
9-11 October 2019, Montpellier, France.

EB2019 New Opportunities in Targeting WNT Signaling

The ASPET Annual Meeting is where pharmacology meets experimental biology in ONE community.
8 April 2019, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Pharmacology 2019

Organised by The Swedish Society for Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the Swedish Society of Medicine.
2-3 April 2019 at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.

GRC Molecular Pharmacology (Gordon Ressearch Conference - "How Form, Function, Content and Context Shape GPCR Signaling"

The 2019 Gordon Research Conference on Molecular Pharmacology will highlight the latest advances in understanding G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and how they mediate regulation of physiological processes. GPCRs are well established effective therapeutic targets and presentations will focus on how we can further improve therapeutic development across diverse disease states, including cancer, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, and pain.

10-15 February 2019, Ventura Beach Marriott, Ventura, CA, US


GPCR Pharmacology: The Next Generation

The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
31 October - 2 November 2018,
Copenhagen, Denmark


GPCR workshop 2017

Workshop organised by ConfometRX Research Foundation and Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Melbourne, Australia. Key themes for the 2017 Workshop were advances in structural understanding of GPCRs, novel signaling paradigms, the intersection of computational advances and chemical biology, biologics, and preclinical and clinical translation.
5-9 December 2017, Sheraton Kona, Hawaï


6th BPS Focused Meeting on Cell Signalling

Organised by the British Pharmacological Society.
18-19 April 2016, University of Leicester, Stamford Court, United Kingdom


GRS Molecular Pharmacology (Gordon Research Seminar, GRS) - "New Fronties in GPCR Signaling: From Biased Agonism to Disease Progression"

The Gordon Research Seminar on Molecular Pharmacology is a unique forum for graduate students, post-docs, and other scientists with comparable levels of experience and education to present and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas.
31 January - 1 February, 2015, Ventura Beach Marriott, USA

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