Musculoskeletal disorders from a biopsychosocial perspective - Doctoral theses

List of doctoral theses within the research group.

Riccardo Lo Martire, Sickness absence among patients with chronic pain in Swedish specialist healthcare, Med. dr. 2022

Roman Kuster, Advancing the measurement of sedentary behaviour : classifying posture and physical (in-)activity, Med. dr. 2021.

Elena Tseli, INTERDISCIPLINARY REHABILITATION IN PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC PAIN Prognostic Factors and Effectiveness. Med dr. 2019.

Birgitta Widerström, Clinical decision-making in physiotherapy for low back pain in primary health care. Med. dr. 2017.

Andreas Monnier, Musculoskeletal disorders in the Swedish armed forces marines : back pain epidemiology and clinical tests. Med. dr. 2016.

Marie Halvorsen, Pain related aspects of neck muscle performance, functioning and psychosocial factors in individuals with cervical radiculopathy. Med. dr. 2015.

Tony Bohman, Back and neck pain : factors of importance for the prognosis. Med. dr. 2013.

Mira Müller, 2012

Christina Olsson, Lumbopelvic pain during and after pregnancy : Aspects of catastrophizing, fear-avoidance beliefs, physical ability and health-related quality of life. Med. dr. 2010.

Helena Larsson, Premature discharge from military service : Risk factors and preventive interventions. Med. dr. 2009.

Eva Rasmussen Barr, Recurrent low-back pain : Exercise intervention and predictive factors, Med. dr. 2009.

Anton Westman, Dangers in sport parachuting, 2009

Björn Äng, Neck pain in air force pilots : on risk factors, neck motor function and an exercise intervention, Med. dr. 2007.

Wim Grooten, Work and neck/shoulder pain : risk and prognostic factors, Med. dr. 2006.

Lena Nilsson-Wikmar, Back pain post partum : Clinical and experimental studies, Med.dr. 2003.

Carina Boström, Shoulder and upper extremity impairments, activity limitation and physiotherapeutic exercise in women with rheumatoid arthritis : a biopsychosocial approach, Med. dr. 2000.

Karin Harms-Ringdahl, On assessment of shoulder exercise and load-elicited pain in the cervical spine. Biomechanical analysis of load - EMG-methodological studies of pain provoked by extreme positions. Med. dr.1986.

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