Research focus - Andrea Carmine Belin group

The purpose of our research is to increase the understanding of the pathophysiology of neurological disorders with a focus on primary headache disorders such as cluster headache by identifying, characterizing and modelling genetic markers within the human genome.

Research focus

Cluster headache (CH) strikes as a unilateral pain of extreme intensity and a majority of patients report a circadian and circannual pattern in their attacks.

The cause of this potentially life-threatening disorder (referred to as suicide headache due to suicide attempts when treatment is insufficient), is currently unknown and there is no cure.

Cluster headache affects 0.1% of the population world-wide and genetic factors in addition to circadian rhythm has been proposed to be involved in the pathophysiology.

The objectives of our research is to investigate the potential molecular mechanisms behind cluster headache and the link to circadian rhythm and genetic factors. This will allow insight into pathogenic mechanisms of cluster headache and lead to the identification of targets in the development of novel and more efficient treatment strategies.

This project is performed by using and further extending a unique biobank of biological tissue and clinical data from patients with cluster headache and controls in Sweden.

Grant support

  • The Swedish Research Foundation
  • The Swedish Brain Foundation 
  • The Mellby Gård Foundation
  • Märta Lundqvists Stiftelse
  • Magnus Bergvall Foundation
  • Region Stockholm (ALF project)
  • Karolinska Institutet Research Funds
  • KID funding
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