Born into Life – a longitudinal study before, during and in the first years of life

The purpose of Born into Life (the Pregnancy Study and the Birth Cohort) is to investigate how conditions before pregnancy, during fetal life and the first years of life affect growth and health later in life. By collecting information about genetic predispositions, environmental exposures and lifestyles, unique opportunities are provided to shed light on risk factors for diseases as a basis for preventive measures.


The study participants in the Pregnancy Study were recruited from participants in the LifeGene study who became pregnant. The women were examined on two occasions during pregnancy (questionnaires, saliva, blood and stool samples) and in connection with childbirth. Some of the study participants in the Pregnancy Study also had partners who participated in the LifeGene study. Their children were then recruited into the Birth Cohort, and examined (questionnaires, height and weight, blood sampling, stool and saliva) at 6, 12 and 24 months of age and at 5-6 years of follow-up when lung function testing was also performed. Please read our cohort description of Born-into-Life and see flowchart below on occasions and biosamples collected.

We have now examined 107 women and their children with repeated measurements before, during and after pregnancy. We have also completed the data collection for the 5-6 year follow-up, and data is processed and samples are analyzed.

Why research related to pregnancy?

We know that conditions before, during fetal life and in the first years of life affect growth, ill health and diseases later in life. Previous research studies have shown that factors in both heredity and the environment are involved in the reason why some children and young people develop, for example, asthma and allergies. However, it is still not clear how these factors interact at an early stage.


We welcome researchers to new and innovative collaborations on research issues using data from the Born-into-Life cohort.

Flowchart of the study


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Catarina Almqvist Malmros

Professor/Senior Physician
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Anna Hedman

Senior Research Specialist;Lecturer


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