Appeasing the wheezing

The overall purpose of our ongoing research project is to understand causes and consequences of respiratory and allergic disorders and its comorbidity to neuropsychiatric, affective, autoimmune and other inflammatory disorders, as well as how genetic and early environmental factors contribute to the associations. 

This will be accomplished by combining questionnaire data and biomarkers in the Swedish Twin Registry with the national health-, sociodemographic- and quality registers using novel analytical methods and innovative study designs.

Project leader

Catarina Almqvist Malmros

Professor/senior physician


Bronwyn Haasdyk

Affiliated to teaching/tutoring

Samuel Arthur Rhedin

Postdoctoral studies

Tong Gong

Research Specialist

Doctoral students

Awad Smew

PhD Student

We also have strong collaborations with several researchers at KI, nationally and internationally and contribute with data towards a number of consortia such as the SHARE, PACE and HEALS. More information can be found at the principal investigator KI profile page

If you have a project proposal or would like to collaborate, please contact Catarina Almqvist Malmros

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