Ulf Eriksson Group


Ulf Eriksson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 871 09
Organizational unit: Ulf Erikssons group
E-mail: Ulf.PE.Eriksson@ki.se

Research group

Ulf ErikssonProfessor
Annelie FalkevallSenior researcher
Erika FolestadSenior researcher
Hong LiAssistant professor
Annika MehlemAssistant professor
Ingrid NilssonAssistant professor
Anna OlverlingPhD student
Isolde PalomboAssistant professor
Karin PetterssonLaboratory technician
Manuel ZeitelhoferAssistant professor

Selected publications

Mice Lacking Platelet-Derived Growth Factor D Display a Mild Vascular Phenotype.
Gladh H, Folestad E, Muhl L, Ehnman M, Tannenberg P, Lawrence A, et al
PLoS ONE 2016 ;11(3):e0152276

Pharmacological targeting of the PDGF-CC signaling pathway for blood-brain barrier restoration in neurological disorders.
Lewandowski S, Fredriksson L, Lawrence D, Eriksson U
Pharmacol. Ther. 2016 Nov;167():108-119

Presymptomatic activation of the PDGF-CC pathway accelerates onset of ALS neurodegeneration.
Lewandowski S, Nilsson I, Fredriksson L, Lönnerberg P, Muhl L, Zeitelhofer M, et al
Acta Neuropathol. 2016 Mar;131(3):453-64

PGC-1α Coordinates Mitochondrial Respiratory Capacity and Muscular Fatty Acid Uptake via Regulation of VEGF-B.
Mehlem A, Palombo I, Wang X, Hagberg C, Eriksson U, Falkevall A
Diabetes 2016 04;65(4):861-73

Reducing VEGF-B Signaling Ameliorates Renal Lipotoxicity and Protects against Diabetic Kidney Disease.
Falkevall A, Mehlem A, Palombo I, Heller Sahlgren B, Ebarasi L, He L, et al
Cell Metab. 2017 Mar;25(3):713-726

Neuropilin 1 binds PDGF-D and is a co-receptor in PDGF-D-PDGFRβ signaling.
Muhl L, Folestad E, Gladh H, Wang Y, Moessinger C, Jakobsson L, et al
J. Cell. Sci. 2017 04;130(8):1365-1378