Stefan Seregard/Anders Kvanta´s research group

The research team is led by Professor Stefan Seregard and Professor Anders Kvanta. Activities include both projects with a focus on eye cancer, and primarily malignant melanoma, and projects focusing focusing on the retina and related disease.

Both the clinical management and the histopathological evaluation of eye melanoma have been centralized at St. Erik's Eye Hospital for a long time. This has enabled a number of different projects, which both have clinical orientation, such as studies of various types of brachytherapy (radiation from applicators) to more experimental studies that include cell lines, animal models and studies of histopathological material. The experimental studies are at present mainly focused on the understanding of the molecular mechanisms that are important for the occurrence of eye melanoma, but also for studies aiming to find an effective treatment of advanced disease.

The clinical studies on the retina of the eye are focused on identifying and improving treatments of our most common retinal diseases. Several studies are conducted with the goal to halt complications of pathologic neovascularisation in macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusion and diabetic retinopathy. In a joint translational project we will use differentiated embryonal stem cells to regenerate the macula in an attempt to treat the severe dry form of macular degeneration. Our experimental projects include molecular- and cell biologic studies and preclinical animal models and aim to identify new molecules relevant to the onset of neovascularisation and cell death for these common retinal conditions.

Research Projects

  • Cancer in the eye, malignant melanoma
  • Basic research on ocular angiogenesis
  • Stemcell treatment in retinal disease
  • Macular degeneration
  • Ischemic retinopathies
  • Vitreoretinal surgery

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Group members


Charlotta All-EricssonAnknuten

Urban AmrénAnknuten, Postdoc

Helder AndreAnknuten

Laura ArmonaiteForskarstuderande

Hammurabi BartumaAnknuten, Postdoc

Katarina BartumaAnknuten, Postdoc

Manuel Casselholm De SallesForskarstuderande

David Leo Joakim EpsteinAnknuten

Maria FiliForskarstuderande

Ásbjörg GeirsdóttirAnknuten

Monika GrudzinskaAnknuten

Anders KvantaForskargruppsledare, Professor, adjungerad

Parviz MammadzadaForskarstuderande

Sandra Petrus-ReurerPostdoc

Flavia PlastinoForskningsassistent

Louise Ramsköld CabacaForskarstuderande

Stefan SeregardForskargruppsledare, Professor/överläkare

Gustav StålhammarAnknuten