We in Eric Thelin's research group have a number of different collaborative projects, both nationally and internationally.


Some of our local collaborators include:

  • David Nelson (Fyfa, Karolinska Institutet (KI)) on research on neuro-imaging and neurointensive care,
  • Rebecka Rubenson-Wahlin (SÖS, KI) on pre-hospital and emergency care of patients with traumatic brain injuries and
  • Fredrik Piehl (CNS, KI) on neuroinflammation and biomarkers of brain injury.

Nationally, we have a long-established collaboration with:

  • Henrik Zetterberg and Kaj Blennow (University of Gothenburg) for protein biomarkers and
  • Matej Oresic (Örebro University) for metabolites as biomarkers after injury.

Internationally, we collaborate with:

  • Adel Helmy (University of Cambridge, UK) on neuroinflammation,
  • Rahul Raj (University of Helsinki, Finland) and Fred Zeiler (University of Manitoba, Canada) for improved monitoring after traumatic brain injury, among other things with the help of artificial intelligence,
  • Rahul Raj (University of Helsinki, Finland) and
  • Frederick Zeiler (University of Manitoba)


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