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Our group has two main focus areas

Suicide and suicide attempts

Suicide is a public health problem. During the 1980s and 1990s, suicide rates decreased in Sweden, but during the 2000s there has been no further decrease. At the same time, there has been a sharp increase in suicide attempts and self-harm in recent decades, especially in young women but also in young men.

We study how to understand and manage the risk of suicide, in several studies on people who have already made a suicide attempt. We base our studies on register data as well as near-patient research, with assessments of suicide risk in patients. We have taken a particular interest in young people; for example, students. The common purpose is to find ways to understand suicidal behaviour and to prevent suicide. We work in close collaboration with Norra Stockholm Psychiatry (NSP), which harbours Sweden's largest psychiatric emergency department. We have studied the importance of a screening instrument for suicidal behaviour, which is used in all emergency room visits. We and NSP are now participating in a randomized, controlled multicenter study led by Lund University to evaluate the effect of the psychological treatment ASSIP (Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program) for people who have attempted suicide.

Our group has shown that mental illness such as schizophrenia and affective disorder significantly increases the risk of dying by suicide after a suicide attempt compared to less severe mental disorders. Also among young people, psychosis is an important risk factor after suicide attempts. Using a violent method in suicide attempts increases the risk of later suicide. Among people who have been provided health care for self-harm in adolescence, men have a greater impact on social function in adulthood than do women, while the likelihood of later suicide or mental illness does not differ between boys and girls who have been treated for self-harm. In a unique study of more than 18,000 patients in a psychiatric emergency department where the outcome was completed suicide within a very short time after the emergency visit, the screening instrument C-SSRS Screen shows a value for predicting suicide. Resultas indicate that this instrument might be useful for triage and evaluation of patient safety aspects upon arrival at the psychiatric emergency department.


Transcultural psychiatry

Part of our group is linked to the Transcultural Centre - Region Stockholm's Knowledge Centre in Transcultural Psychiatry and Issues related to Migration and Health. We have expertise in qualitative research methods and have several research collaborations, e.g on asylum seekers and suicide and on development of culturally sensitive psychiatric diagnostics. We further participate in the project "Early intervention for newly arrived children" (TINA), run by the research group EPiCSS at the Department of Global Public Health at Karolinska Institutet. The TINA project aims to find new ways of overcoming barriers for children with migration backgrounds, to access of early support for mental illness. We are also involved in evaluations of education efforts on migration and mental health offered to healthcare professionals and in a project on welfare needs of the Sami population in Region Stockholm in collaboration with the Sami Society in Stockholm.


Research projects

  • Suicide among university students
  • Suicide among those who have not had contact with psychiatric care
  • Clinical trial of suicide preventive psychological treatment (multicenter study in collaboration with Region Skåne)
  • Development of culture-sensitive psychiatric diagnostics according to DSM-5
  • "Early intervention for newly arrived children" (TINA) run by the research group EPiCSS at the Department of Global Public Health at Karolinska Institutet
  • Being Sami in a big city. Mental health, care experiences and care needs.


Selected Publications

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