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Meletis Laboratory

Associate Professor

Konstantinos Meletis

Telefon: 08-524 830 43

Research focus

Brain circuits display great functional diversity as a result of the wide range of neuronal subtypes, each subtype with unique properties and connections. Disturbances in the limbic system are found in neuropsychiatric disorders that display changes in reward and mood processes. The activity of circuits that guide emotional and cognitive behaviors is determined by GABAergic interneurons that determine circuit function through temporally and spatially defined inhibition. It is therefore critical to functionally characterize GABAergic inter­neurons in order to describe how the limbic sy­stem shapes reward-related behavior and how limbic dysfunction can lead to mood disorders.

We therefore study how specific GABAergic interneuron subtypes regulate limbic circuits in vivo, and importantly, how that translates into control of animal behavior, using a variety of experimental approaches including transgenic animals, viruses, optogenetics, electrophysiology and behavioral assays. We study the connectivity patterns between neuronal subtypes using genetically modified viruses that display transsynaptic retrograde spread, to express fluorescent markers (GFP) or different types of light-sensitive opsins (ChR2), allowing us to map the anatomical and functional properties of circuits. Our long-term vision is to provide a detailed understanding of circuit function as determined by activity of GABAergic interneurons, ultimately providing us with a rational basis to develop new pharmacotherapies for mood disorders.

  1. Optogenetic control of a Parvalbumin-expressing GABAergic interneuron.
  2. Circuit and behavior control through electronic interface board with LED and gyroscope.
  3. Corticostriatal circuit dissection with genetically modified viruses.

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Group members

Janos Fuzik - Postdoc

Iakovos Lazaridis - Research Coordinator

Konstantinos Meletis - Associate Professor

Antje Märtin - PhD Student

Ourania Tzortzi - PhD Student

Moritz Weglage - PhD Student

Emil Wärnberg - Research assistant