The MINT team focuses on research in medical education and in particular pedagogical encounters, simulation, and digital tools to support learning.

Medical educational research is an interdisciplinary field which investigates learning on individual and system levels in both formal education as well as in health care. Pedagogical encounters are defined as situations where the learner and the teacher/facilitator/professional meet and interact for the purpose of learning.

The MINT team has an interest in analyzing interactions and practices related to learning in healthcare as well as designing technology to support these. Much of our research uses a design science methodology which can involve both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Medical equipement
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Some of our research projects

ReHIn aims to create web-based educational resources to raise awareness and enable integration of refugees into the EU health culture and system.

Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) has become a fundamental factor in Higher Education where best practices aim to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education.

  • ACoRD - advancing co-creation of RLOs to digitalize healthcare curricula
  • CEPEH - Chatbots Enhance Personalised European Healthvare Curricula
  • ENTICE - Evaluaing Novel Tangible and Intangible Co-creative Experimental medical education
  • dCOG - Care when and where it matters - A distributed COGnition approach

Save the dates

  • Thursday, February 2nd, 2023, ca 13.15-15.15: Charilaos Koufidis, with an interest in clinical reasoning in real-life work-place environments, will have his kappa seminar.
  • Friday, March 10th 2023, 13-15: Susanne Lundell Rudberg (“Ready but never fully trained - a longitudinal study of students‘ journeys towards becoming professional nurses”) 
  • Friday, March 31st 2023, 09.00: Charilaos Koufidis’s PhD defense. Brian Hodges will be the opponent. Solna.
  • Friday, April 28th 2023: Susanne Lundell Rudberg’s PhD defense. Hanna Lachmann is Susanne’s main supervisor.



Klas Karlgren  

PhD students

Charilaos Koufidis, supervised by Charlotte Silén
Susanne Lundell Rudberg, supervised by Hanna Lachmann
Natalia Stathakarou, supervised by Klas Karlgren
Cara Swain, supervised by Klas Karlgren
Pernilla Lundh, supervised by Katri Manninen

Team members

Angelica Fredholm
Maxine Harjani
Hans Hjelmqvist
Hanna Lachmann
Gunilla Lööf
Katri Manninen
Janet Mattsson
Suhail Muzaiek
Anna Pettersson
Charlotte Silén
Linda Sonesson
Jennifer Valcke

Alumni and ongoing collaborators

Åsa Alsiö
Nina Andersson-Papadogiannaki
Jesper Dalum, co-supervised by Klas Karlgren
Lena Engqvist Boman
Carina Georg
Javad Jafari
Juha Nieminen
Eleni Siouta
Taina Sormunen
Eva Toth-Pal
Carrie Tran
Luke Woodham

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