Ingemar Björkhem and Ulf Diczfalusy research

Oxysterols in health and disease: The role of oxysterols in connection with cholesterol homeostasis in the brain and their importance in relation to neurodegeneration. Oxysterols as biomarkers for neurological diseases, oxidative stress, inflammation and drug metabolism.

Researcher Ingemar Björkhem

Ingemar Björkhem

Affiliated to research
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

Researcher Ulf Diczfalusy

Ulf Diczfalusy

Affiliated to research
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

Lab technician

Anita Lövgren Sandblom

Laboratory technician
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

Research techniques

  • Gas chromatography
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Molecular biology techniques
  • Transgenic animal models.

Teaching assignments

Study programme in medicine

Selected publications

Sex difference in flux of 27-hydroxycholesterol into the brain.
Parrado-Fernandez C, Leoni V, Saeed A, Rodriguez-Rodriguez P, Sandebring-Matton A, Córdoba-Beldad CM, Bueno P, Gali CC, Panzenboeck U, Cedazo-Minguez A, Björkhem I
Br J Pharmacol 2020 Dec;():

Early or deferred initiation of efavirenz during rifampicin-based TB therapy has no significant effect on CYP3A induction in TB-HIV infected patients.
Aklillu E, Zumla A, Habtewold A, Amogne W, Makonnen E, Yimer G, Burhenne J, Diczfalusy U
Br J Pharmacol 2020 Nov;():

On the fluxes of side-chain oxidized oxysterols across blood-brain and blood-CSF barriers and origin of these steroids in CSF (Review).
Björkhem I, Leoni V, Svenningsson P
J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol 2019 04;188():86-89

Effect of Grapefruit Juice Intake on Serum Level of the Endogenous CYP3A4 Metabolite 4β-Hydroxycholesterol-an Interaction Study in Healthy Volunteers.
Gjestad C, Hole K, Haslemo T, Diczfalusy U, Molden E
AAPS J 2019 04;21(4):58

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