Division of Clinical chemistry

Within the Department of Laboratory Medicine, the Division of Clinical Chemistry is carrying out research to elucidate the molecular basis of cardiometabolic disease integrating contemporary basic science, clinical medicine, and translational approaches.

Graphic illustration of the theme for Division of Clinical Chemistry: Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, NAFLD/NASH, Dyslipidemia.
Themes for the Division of Clinical Chemistry: Cardiometabolic Disease in the Framework of Healthy Ageing Photo: Uwe Tietge

The division is scientifically involved in several basic research projects as well as clinically oriented projects and contributes to the overall teaching efforts of Laboratory Medicine, one of the largest departments of education at Karolinska Institutet.

Research groups

Uwe Tietge  research group

Ping Chen research group

Ingemar Björkhem/Ulf Diczfaulsy research

Anders Helander research

The division is also involved in the Cardio Metabolic Unit (CMU).
Coordinator: Paolo Parini.


The education provided at Clinical Chemistry spans a wide range of courses and programs including Medicine, Dentistry, Nursery and the Biomedical Analyst program, and also includes validation of foreign degrees, pedagogical education for university teachers, as well as stand-alone courses.

Responsible for education at the division

Maura Heverin, PhD: Deputy Head of the Division

Victoria Menendez Benito

Anna-Klara Rundlöf, PhD

Veronika Tillander, PhD

Staffan Wallin, PhD

Mass spectrometry platform

The division operates SMART (Small Molecule Analysis for Research and Teaching), a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry platform to comprehensively analyze virtually all small molecules and aid in metabolic flux measurements. SMART is open for all interested entities from inside as well as outside Karolinska Institutet.


Staff in the facility

Uwe Tietge, managing director

Anita Lövgren Sandblom, laboratory technician

Division head

Profile image

Uwe Tietge

Professor/Clinical Chemist

Division coordinators

Department of Laboratory Medicine

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