Research group Tammimies

“Genetic, molecular and medical decoding of neurodevelopmental disorders”

Group leader

Kristiina Tammimies

Group leader, PhD, Assistant professor

Post docs

PhD students

Abishek Arora

PhD student

Yali Zhang

PhD student

Marika Habbe

PhD student

Bachelor/Master students



Francesca Mastropasqua

Senior research specialist

Cecilia Dominguez

SeniorLab Manager for Bioclinicum J9:30 lab

Affiliated researchers

Nelli Kalnak



Martin Becker Postdoc 2016-2019

Ielyzaveta Rabkina, Master Student (KI) and Research assistant 2017-2018

Lea Ballenberger, Bachelor student2017 (University of Tubingen)

Sofia Stamouli, bioinformatician 2015-2017

Veronika Nicolaou, Bachelor student KI 2016

Lisa Steinmetz Bachelor student 2016

Viveka Moricz, Master Student 2015 (Uppsala University)

Danyang Li PhD student 2021 (KI)

Anna Hellquist Forskningssamordnare 


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