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Molecular muscle physiology and pathophysiology

We study molecular mechanisms behind muscle remodeling and contractile dysfunction. We are also involved in developing novel therapeutic interventions to treat skeletal muscle weakness.

The lab has three overall goals:

I. Elucidate the role of Ca2+ and free radicals in driving skeletal muscle remodeling.
II. Identify and understand the mechanisms behind disease-induced muscle weakness.
III. Develop novel therapeutic interventions to treat skeletal muscle weakness.

We use a wide variety of methods to study these processes, ranging from single proteins via intact muscles to in vivo experiments and translational in humans.

Research in our laboratory

Muscle dysfunction, comprising muscle weakness and altered metabolism, is a recurrent comorbidity in many diseases, incl. type 2 diabetes, peripheral artery disease, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. This comorbidity can reduce both the ability to work and the quality of life for afflicted patients, since ordinary daily activities require extensive effort.

The common goal of the research in our laboratory is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms behind disease-induced muscle dysfunction and metabolic alterations. In particular, altered Ca2+ handling, oxidative stress and altered mitochondrial function appears as key factors in the intramuscular interplay that contributes to impaired muscle function. To reveal this, we apply a multidisciplinary approach involving in vivo and in vitro analysis in mice and humans, including force measurements, live imaging of Ca2+ and free radicals, metabolic profiles, mass spectrometry, and biochemical and molecular assays. We are also involved in developing novel therapeutic interventions to improve muscle function.

Group members

Anna-Lena BollerAnknuten
Michaeljohn KalakoutisAnknuten
Johanna LannerForskarassistent, Forskare
Zhengye LiuForskarstuderande
Theresa MaderDoktorand, FOU-praktikant
Maarten SteinzDoktorand

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Johanna Lanner

Telefon: 08-524 823 73
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