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Jonas Frisén's Group

Stem Cells in Tissue Homeostasis and Regenerative Medicine

We are interested in the role of stem cells in cell turnover in healthy and pathological situations. We study the identity of stem cells and the organization of cellular lineages, the molecular regulation of cell production and the role of cell renewal in homeostasis and pathological situations. Many of our projects focus on stem cells in the brain and spinal cord and adult neurogenesis.

We are also interested in cell renewal in the heart and use the intestine as a stem cell and cancer model system. We have developed a method to study cell turnover by analyzing the integration of 14C derived from nuclear bomb tests in DNA, and use this to assess cell renewal in humans.

Group Members

Johanna ClassonDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
Ilke DemirciDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
David DiasForskarstuderande
Ionut DumitruPostdoc
Camilla EngblomPostdoc
Jonas FrisénProfessor
Sarantis GiatrellisForskningsingenjör
Hagen HuttnerAnknuten
Joanna HårdDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
Enric LlorensPostdoc
Helena LönnqvistLaboratorieingenjör
Jens MagnussonAnknuten
Jeff MoldSenior lab manager
Marta PaterliniForskare
Michael RatzPostdoc
Giuseppe SantopoloDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
Christian ScharenbergAnknuten
Embla SteinerDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
Moa StenuddDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
Mathew TataPostdoc
Marcelo ToroAnknuten
Leonie Von BerlinForskningsassistent
Maggie YeungPostdoc
Margherita ZamboniDoktorand, Forskarstuderande

Selected Publications