Medicine and history of science – Eva Åhrén's group

The research team studies the history of medicine and science in historical, cultural and societal contexts. Fundamental to our approach is that knowledge of the past is necessary to understand the central questions and dilemmas of the present. On this basis, we develop and communicate an understanding of the historical conditions of medical knowledge and health care.

From "Surgical Anatomy" by Joseph Maclise (1815 – 1889). 1856.


The research includes studies of the production of scientific knowledge; material, visual and ethical aspects of medical and scientific practice; the development of laboratory environments; the lives and works of individual actors; the history of health care professions and education; and the history of medical research funding.

Our research takes an interdisciplinary approach, applying perspectives, theories and methods from the humanities and social sciences, especially medical humanities and history, philosophy and sociology of science, science and technology studies, and cultural history and heritage studies.

Who we are

Members of the research team are also affiliated with Medical History and Heritage, where we work with librarians, archivists, and art historians to preserve and make KI's cultural heritage collections (books and other printed materials, manuscripts, art and photography, and object collections) accessible. 

The research team leader is Eva Åhrén, who is also head of Medical History and Heritage.

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