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Molecular Endocrine Pathology

We focus on delivering improved diagnostic and prognostic tools for tumors derived from endocrine tissues such as the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the neck as well as for abdominal neoplasias such as adrenal and neuroendocrine tumors.

By utilizing modern genetic, epigenetic and proteomic methods together with conventional light microscopy and histopathology, candidate markers will be applied on clinical tumor material for the improved recognition of malignant disease and poorer patient outcome. Furthermore, the physiology of normal and hyperfunctioning endocrine glands is also studied. The ventures are systematized as continuing cooperation projects with researchers at Cancer Centrum Karolinska, as well as the endocrine surgery division at the Karolinska University Hospital in Solna and the Yale Endocrine Neoplasia Laboratory at Yale University, CT, USA.


Christofer Juhlin
Department of Oncololgy-Pathology, KI, Karolinska University Hospital-Solna BioClinicum J6:20; SE-171 64, Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-8 123 73930
Mobile: +46 739322988

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Team members

Christofer Juhlin, Associate Professor, MD, Team leader, Affiliated Clinical Researcher (Employment: Attending specialist in Surgical Pathology and Cytology at Radiumhemmet Karolinska University Hospital)
Johan Paulsson, MD, PhD, Affiliated (Employment: Resident in surgery at Karolinska University Hospital)
Lisa Åhnfalk, Biomedical scientist
Martin Harper Hysek, MD, PhD, Affiliated (Employment: Attending in Surgical Pathology and Cytology, Karolinska University Hospital)
Samuel Hellgren, MD, PhD student (Employment: Resident in Surgical Pathology and Cytology, Karolinska University Hospital)
Vincenzo Condello, MSc, PhD, Postdoc
Vanessa Trombin, Student
Kenbugul Jatta, MSc, PhD, Affiliated

Previous team members

Adam Stenman, MD, PhD (Employment: Resident in Surgery, Karolinska University Hospital)
Nimrod Kiss, MSC, PhD
Na Wang, MD, PhD, Postdoc


The present research is generously supported by grants from:

  • The Swedish Cancer Society
  • Swedish Society for Medical Research (SSMF)
  • Stockholm county council
  • Karolinska Institutet
  • The Swedish Society of Medicine
  • The Cancer Research Foundations of Radiumhemmet
  • Lisa and Johan Grönberg foundation
  • Cancer and Allergy Fund